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Barracuda Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Firewall Now available to our Support Customers
Posted by Barry Tarbet on 03 February 2016 01:28 PM

We are please to announce the partership of OccHosting/Web Hosting Group Inc. with Barracuda Networks.


All customers currently using Mail Foundry will be migrated over to Barrauda AntiSpam services within the next 72 hours.

with this new antispam/antivirus service, includes Barracuda quarantine reports 3x daily listing emails Barracuda has flagged you can easily review.

why are these emails quarantine ?

Incoming messages filtered as spam or diverted from delivery are quarantined
those with Barracuda services enable - will receive 3 emails daily from with Subject Spam Firewall
listing emails currently in quarantine.
With Barracuda quarantine suspicious messages list you can review the quarantined messages 
with the following options:
Click on the Deliver link to have that message delivered to your primary inbox.
Click on the Whitelist link to have that message delivered to your primary inbox and that sender whitelisted.
Click on the Delete link to remove that message from your quarantine.
Click on the View link to display that message in a new Message Details browser window. 
in addition you can Manage your white and black lists -  

- Set quarantine notification intervals  
- View your entire Quarantine Inbox
- Adjust / Manage your preferences.

if you wish more information about Barracuda Service for your office/home or have any questions

please do not hesitate to contact us by generating a support ticket
or call us at  954-977-2797 x 2



thank you for you continual support as we seek ways to improve our services protecting our customers.


Barry Tarbet
OccHosting Support Team




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FTP access changes
Posted by Jeff Ball on 15 November 2015 02:58 PM
Attention OccHosting Customers:

To continually seek ways to improve our services and security

Our servers are regularily audited for PCI security standard
PCI - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
One of the changes is to secure the FTP access preventing hackers from stealing your FTP password 
the change is simple- 
make sure your FTP program is running the latest update
then change the FTP profile with the following:
select the encryption "use explicit ftp over tls"  OR  "FTP/SSL" 
please be sure you change the FTP port to 990 not  21  
you will be prompted to accept the 'web hosting group" certificate before connection is completed.
we recomend using filezilla - 
after making the above change, if you fail to connect - please create a support ticket
include what FTP program and version you are using 
we apologies for any inconvenience this security update has caused

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mysql server upgraded completed -
Posted by Durand Somerville on 18 October 2015 09:44 PM

Attention OccHosting Customers:


To continually seek ways to improve our services and security

This confirms on Saturday Oct 17, 2015 we finished upgrading the  to the latest secured mysql release 5.6.26

most website were not affected by this upgrade

some, using older versions of php might be experiencing downtime 

to resolve / fix your website 

Login to your control panel

select the domain having issues

select "database / mysql Db's

select the database with the error - 

locate and select "database users" >> Change password 

here you reenter the current mysql db user password  - making sure you check "Long, PHP5.x-only" this is very import

make sure Long, PHP5.x-only is check -  select "change"


This step must be done for all current and future databases.. 


Please check your website , if your website is working, great - your done! 

if your website is still experiencing downtime, go back into the control panel, select the domain having issues

select option "web services" 

scroll down until you see PHP - choose option "php mode" from dropdown / select PHP55 

make sure no RED Warning "changes need to be applied" is highlighted / if yes, click on the "apply" 

wait approx 15 minutes - then test


if problem continues, please submit a support ticket, marked Urgent 


we apologies for any inconvenience this security update has caused





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