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Setting up a CronJob
Posted by Jeff Ball on 26 November 2012 09:48 PM

Setting up a Cron Job:


1. Login to your Control Panel.

2. Click on "FTP/User Account" in the top menu a drop down menu will appear and click "FTP User"

3. Click red "Off" button to turn it on if it's currently set to off.
Skip this step if it's already turned on showing green "on".

4. Click the hammer icon next to the green "on" button.

5. Input your information as shown below:

Mail To: (the result of cron job will be sent to this email address)

Minute: 0-59 or *

Hour: 0-23 or *

Day of Month: 1-31 or * Month: 1-12 or *

Day of Week: 0-7 or *

Note: * means on every occurrence.


Command: /hsphere/local/home/ftp-login-name/scriptpath

For example to execute a php script set the command to:


/hsphere/shared/php5/bin/php -q /hsphere/local/home/ftp-login-name/scriptpath/script.php

6. click "Submit Query" button to enable this Cron Job


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