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How can I password protected my osCommerce Admin ?
Posted by Jeff Ball on 07 February 2007 12:34 AM

1) For Linux servers - Login to your Control Panel, select File Manager,  webshell protect 

     When you located the Folder "admin" 
     Click on the "blue folder" - the right side will chante to "view folder details"
     You will now see "create .htaccess file " with a create button
      click create
      click "edit" to update the ok_user file - insert the name / password you wish to access the admin area
      click ok and next, then save

2)  When setting osCommerce on a Windows server, the "admin" directory is automaticlaly protected by default, 
     so its not necessary to use WebShell Protect

if you have any further questions or problems, please create a support ticket includie domain and any error messages along with detailed info how to duplicate problem

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